Robert Bosch's first workshop lays the foundations for Bosch Home Appliances.

With the establishment of his workshop for precision and electrical engineering, Robert Bosch lays the foundations in Stuttgart for our success story. For him, the thought of not producing the very best at all times was intolerable. Robert Bosch always acted on the principle that honest workmanship is more important than temporary gain. This is why, for nearly 130 years, our products have stood for uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability.

In 1933, we present our first home appliance in Germany. The small electric refrigerator from Bosch had a capacity of 60 liters and was at that time still round.

Dryer hoods, electric toothbrushes, vacuum cleaners and lots more, Bosch appliances make life easier in the 70s. Even the boiled egg for breakfast can now be prepared easily and perfectly, because the first Bosch egg boiler appears on the market in 1970.

For generations, Bosch home appliances have been making everyday life a bit easier. They do some of the work for you. They make sure that the housework is finished faster. They give us more time and improve our quality of life. Let's go back together to the beginnings of our story.