Pensofal, since 30 years, is an Italian  leading manufacturer of non-stick aluminium cookware. In 2004, thanks to the opening of a new industrial site of 30.000 mq. and to equipments of new generation, it  boasts a production capacity of about 15 million of pcs per year.

Pensofal boasts an own specific know-how and thanks to several investments in research, equipments, patents, marks and marketing, has achieved a strong position on national and international markets, for this reason it is today spread over 60 worldwide  countries. Over the years, Pensofal has completely revolutionized the market with its continuous inventions and special patents as the Pastasì® and the Vapsì®, the whole product range suitable also for INDUCTION, the innovative ecologic non-stick coatings PFOA free and its last developments with ceramic reinforcement and hard minerals.

"Pensofal thinks for you every day” is the grounding principle  which we base all our products on, to improve the daily life of our customers,  focusing on innovative and green oriented products and technologies, respecting consumers health.

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