Since 1955, Valera® has been producing haircare appliances. The design and porduction of the Valera® product line revolves around the health and well-being and image of the person. A deep knowledge of hair is vital for the creation of equipment that enables the healthy and careful treatment or hair. Valera works therefore in collaboration with hair specialists of the  university clinics, master hairdressers of the stylists’ associations and shampoo and cosmetics producers.

For Valera, quality is the backbone of the company history and we apply the Total Quality concept not only to production but to every company sector. ISO 9001 certification, obtained in 1995, is a incentive towards constant improvement. Regarding safety, all the appliances meet EN and IEC standards as well as EU directives regarding the suppression of radio interference and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). Valera hairdryers meet the strictest international safety regulations and bear various marks of approval, such as "VDE Certification Marks" or "S+ Safety mark", and the "CE mark of conformity".

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